Oriental Sino Limited

Our mission statement


We are continuously studying and probing into innovative ways of producing the products catered to the special needs of our customers, in aims for providing more efficient application and achieving better cost advantage.

Environmental responsibilities

We believe in giving back to our community.  We also place a lot of emphasis on environmental responsibilities.

Our business culture


“We make quality assurance our habit, not an act.”
Consistency in our product quality is important to us under all market conditions.

We consider ourselves to be not only a manufacturing company, but also a service-oriented organization, providing comprehensive services and products to cater for our customer’s needs. We strive to grow our business together with our customers, and we build mutually beneficial business relationships based on a win-win approach.  

Our company


To ensure global standard for food safety and to strive to maintain high hygienic standards, we carry out inspections on a regular basis and are accredited food safety certificates.  Our production plant is awarded CQC Food Safety Management System Certificate for compliance with the standard of ISO and GB/T, as well as the BRC Food Certification.  

Founded in 1997, Oriental Sino Limited (OSL) specializes in processing and producing natural sheep and hog casings for sausage products.  OSL is one of the leading natural casings manufacturers in the world.  Our production facilities are in Jiangsu Province, China.  Our raw material sources and sales markets include Europe, USA, South America, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

OSL also provides packaging solutions for sausage casings to our customers.  One of OSL’s subsidiary companies is Jiangsu Chongan Plastic Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (JCA), which produces plastic accessories for the sausage casing industry.