Oriental Sino Limited

casing accessories by jca

JCA is one of the largest manufacturers specializing in casing accessories, and was the first supplier for casing accessories in China. JCA is well recognized by its customers and has become the most trusted name in the field of casing accessories.  Over the past decades, there has been a rapid growth in demand for casing accessories. In order to better equip ourselves to cater to customers worldwide with their ever increasing needs in a wide range of products, we expanded our product range and ramped up our production capacity.

JCA was awarded the Certificate of Quarantine & Sanitation Registration. The company is also certified for HACCP Safe Management System of Food Hygiene.

We truly believe in consistent product innovation, and we are committed to produce top quality, environmental friendly, safe and healthy products for all casing companies.  Our brand is now one of the world's most leading suppliers in casing accessories.