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Casing accessories

Dried tube hog casings are mainly used for dry or semi-dry sausages, and may also be used for cooked deli products. To produce dried tubed hog casings, pieces of hog casings are cut open and laminated on a customized sausage shaped mold. 

Sheep casings are the narrower-diameter casings used in sausages such as bockwurst, frankfurters and port sausage. These casings combine tenderness with sufficient strength to withstand the filling, cooking and smoking operations.

Natural hog casings

Natural Sheep casings

Our casing accessories include various packing solutions, such as casing tubes, pipes, nets, rings, customized vacuum bags, and different types of containers.  We also provide tools and equipment required for natural sausage casings production, such as selection gauges and selection nozzles.

Hog casings are the wider diameter casings used in sausages such as cooked sausage, country style sausage, fresh pork sausage, peperoni, Italian sausage, large frankfurters, kishka, kielbasa and Bratwurst.

Dried Tubed hog casings